Upturn for the Christian Party

The ChristiansThe Christians.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Upturn for the the Christian Party: Many have had enough of KrF

The party The Christian (PDK) has received 135 new members since August and believes the turmoil in the Christian Democrats (KrF) is the cause.


In August and September, the party received 78 and 57 new members, respectively, a marked increase from earlier. From July to August, membership growth was quadrupled, and 14 new members entered the Party the Christians (PDK) last week.

“There are several people who say they have had enough of KrF. They feel that they have left behind Christian values and the bourgeois block. Here we are much clearer than they have been lately,” said Beatrice Katla, an representative for PDK to NTB.

It is the second time since August that they are experiencing a drop in memberships. Particularly one group is looking to PDK, which was founded in 2011.

“It is Christian conservatives who do not like the direction KrF is headingin and they come to us,” says Katla.

Two things

NTB has asked for updated membership figures for the Christian Democrats, but they are not available yet.

As late as August, 168 people resigned their membership of KrF for political reasons, according to Aftenposten. It happened after family spokesperson Geir Jørgen Bekkevold blessed a gay couple.

Just after that, in August this year, Bergen’s deputy mayor Marita Moltu entered the The Christian Party, which according to Katla, contributed to the strong membership growth in late summer.

Tend to be calm

Katla believes that the membership growth in recent days has come after Hareide on Friday recommended that the Christian Democrats (KrF) should seek government power together with the Labour Party and the Centre Party.

She can not remember that the party has ever had such  growth, and thinks it has happened at a  “heavy pace” this last week.

“There are a lot of choices in the election campaign, but in the autumn we find there might be less choice. This is only because KrF has been a lot in the media to explain what they stand for,” says Katla.


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