United States to build a new radar in Vardø

United States to build new radar in VardøVardø.Photo; Odd Erik Sandbakken / SCANPIX

US and Norway will build a new radar in Vardø while the existing Globus II system in the city will be upgraded for one billion.
The upgrade of the disputed Globus II radar in Vardø is revealed in US budget documents, NRK reported.
Construction work on the new radar is scheduled to start at the summer of next year and will be continuing for three years, according to what intelligence chief Morten Haga Lunde recently stated in a speech in Oslo Military Society.
The existing radar has been declared to be a natural target for  Russian bombs and has been criticized for being a part of the controversial US missile shield. After the upgrade, the tasks of the radar will be to follow objects in space, monitor Norwegian interests in the north and benefit national development.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today