US Congress siege update: Chaotic images, multiple people arrested, several police officers injured

Trump supporters CongressPhoto: AP Photo / Julio Cortez

Just before the US Senate approved Joe Biden as the next president of the United States, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed Congress. 

Only after being challenged by Biden did President Donald Trump ask the protesters to go home.

> PHOTO: Dramatic scenes in the US as Trump supporters break into Congress

Biden urged Trump to behave like a statesman and end the shocking scenes unfolding in the US capital on Wednesday. 

In the end, Trump responded with a one-minute video on Twitter in which he asked the protesters to go home.

“We won the election with an election landslide, but it was stolen from us, something everyone knows and especially the other side. 

“But now you have to go home. We must have peace, law and order and respect,” Trump added, adding that he loved the protesters and reiterated that the election had taken place in a fraudulent manner.

Shortly after the message was posted, Twitter blocked it for further sharing.

Thousands of protesters

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered when Congress was about to formally approve the election result and confirm Joe Biden as the country’s next legally elected president. 

Around the same time as the Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell asked his party colleagues to accept the election result, there were reports that several protesters had broken through the barricades and were about to enter the building.

The approval of the election result in Congress was stopped. 

Several American media reported that Vice President Mike Pence had been escorted out of the Senate chamber at the same time as reports that the protesters had broken the security barriers and went all the way into the Senate hall and on to the offices of several of the elected representatives.

A woman was treated for critical injuries after she was shot in the chest in the Congress area. 

Later, there were reports that she had died from the injuries. The mayor of Washington ordered a curfew from 6:00 PM local time, and the National Guard was deployed. 

Tear gas and pepper spray

Police in riot gear removed hundreds of protesters from the site. Several tried to get up the stairs to the building but were stopped by police. 

At least 13 people have been arrested so far, but this number may increase significantly as the police action on the spot will continue throughout the evening.

The police also asked the elected representatives to put on a gas mask because there was tear gas in the building.

A video on Twitter, posted by a Washington Post journalist, showed many people moving past the barricades while shouting “USA, USA.”

Employees at the Congress were asked by the police to leave the building.

> Police: The Congress building has been secured, but several officers are injured

It is unclear when Congress may reconvene to complete the certification of Joe Biden as the election winner. 

When angry Trump supporters besieged the building, only 12 of the 538 election delegate votes had been certified.

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2 Comments on "US Congress siege update: Chaotic images, multiple people arrested, several police officers injured"

  1. In addition to my comment under the other thread, I wonder how many of these “protestors” are Antifa and/or anarchists *not* wearing their masks.

    This gives the incoming Biden Deep State government all the justification it needs for authoritarianism – political repression of any and all political (issue) dissidents. And for some reason, I personally find that prospect unwelcome.

    In any case, without masks like good Trumpers most all these protestors are being videoed and can be identified and prosecuted to the nth degree … and should be. LONG prison terms, but will the infiltrators among them be? We’ll probably never know.

    In any case, the Country – the Republic – can easily survive this … unless Biden & the neocons who will now be in control get us and all the West destroyed in World War 3.

    Igjen, sivillforsvars? ??

  2. Tucker Carlson: Capitol Hill chaos will be used to strip us of basic freedoms

    If the attack on the Capitol continues, it has become an insurrection, and the National Guard should be given the necessary orders to stop it … cold.

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