Used handcuffs during intercourse – police had to help unlock


When police keys did not fit, the situation was resolved with pliers.

It was in Møllenberg in Trondheim that a somewhat uneasy man was forced to call the police in the middle of the night to tell them that his sex partner sat locked in a cot.
He and a woman had in fact adopted a pair of handcuffs during the night. But when it was all over, the key too the handcuffs was gone.
– They had naturally looked for a while before they called, said operations Arnt Harald Aaslund in Trøndelag Police VG.
– Whether it was the woman who was tired of being stuck, or if it was the man who was tired of having her there, I do not know. We have not all information in the case, he said.
Police whisked away anyway in a patrol to unlock the handcuffs.
It would, however, prove to be easier said than done, because the key did not fit the lock, said the police on Twitter.
Police thus solved the situation with pliers.
Source.  VG / Norway Today

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  1. Rikard Odin Stadheim | 11. January 2017 at 20:17 |

    Hun var naken som en Jaybird, så det tok en stund.

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