Uyghurs in Norway say they are being called by the Chinese Embassy

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Several Uyghurs living in Norway say they have been called many times by the Chinese Embassy, reports TV 2. The embassy has denied making the calls.

Several people with whom the channel has been in contact say that they have been called from a Norwegian telephone number and have been instructed to retrieve documents at the Chinese embassy in Oslo.

China has repeatedly been criticized by the international community for its treatment of the Muslim minority Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region.

22-year-old Nadir Abla, who fights for the Uyghurs’ rights, says he has been called on twenty separate occasions. In one of the conversations, a person at the other end confirmed that he was employed at the Chinese Embassy, according to Abla.

Secretary of the Norwegian Uyghur Committee, Adiljan Abdurihim, tells the channel that many Uyghurs in the West have received disruptive calls from China’s embassies. He says that about twenty such incidents have also been registered in Norway and states that the committee has been in contact with the Police Security Service (PST) on the matter.

The Chinese embassy in Oslo denies calling Uyghurs in Norway and rejects the charges against them.

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