Vårt Land: Norwegians enlisting in the Ukraine war risk major economic consequences

Kyiv - UkrainePhoto: AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd

Norwegians enlisting for either humanitarian work or war in Ukraine risk major economic consequences, according to the newspaper Vårt Land.

Those who have enlisted can, among other things, lose their membership in the National Insurance Scheme, the newspaper writes.

“Those who are already in Ukraine, or who are considering traveling east to fight, should really think carefully,” Secretary-General Øystein K. Wemberg of the Veterans Association SIOPS (Injured in International Operations) told the newspaper.

Norway has two veterans’ associations: SIOPS and the Norwegian Veterans Association for International Operations (NVIO). Both associations have been contacted by veterans considering traveling to Ukraine to engage in humanitarian work or participate directly in the war.

The NAV has told the associations that the stay in Ukraine can have serious financial consequences for the veterans.

Examples of consequences

The newspaper gives some examples:

In the event of death in Norway, relatives can receive support for the burial. This will not be covered if the person dies in Ukraine, the NAV noted. People are also not covered for occupational injuries in Ukraine and do not receive sickness benefits. They may also lose the right to sickness benefits when they return to Norway.

Everyone who stays abroad for more than twelve months loses membership in the National Insurance Scheme. If Norwegians, for example, are employed in the Ukrainian defense, they will lose their social security when they start working there.

The Ukrainian embassy has stated that between 100 and 150 Norwegians are already in Ukraine or are on their way to Ukraine.

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