Vedum calls for national celebration of 1,000 years of Christianity in Norway

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Center Party (SP) leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum wants to have a national celebration of the anniversary of the Christianization of Norway in 2030. He wants to include it in the government program of the “red-green” coalition.

“It is a defining event in our nation’s history and our nation’s self-image, we have to put a major celebration in place,” Vedum told the newspaper Vårt Land.

In 2030, it will be a thousand years since Olav the Holy fell in the battle of Stiklestad. Vedum believes the anniversary deserves a big celebration, as was the case with the constitutional anniversary in 2014.

“As with the constitutional anniversary, one should use such a marking to learn, discuss, and create a greater understanding of our own country and Christian history,” Vedum said.

Therefore, he also wants to make the celebration a binding point in the new “red-green” government platform.

“It should be announced in the government’s declaration as a cultural policy objective,” he said.

Vedum believes that if one is to understand one’s contemporaries, one must understand one’s history and the references to the Christian view of values.

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