Rema 1000 recalls vegetarian burgers, Coop sausages

Vegetarian burgersREMA 1000 . Vegetarian burgers.Photo: Reitangruppen / NTB scanpix

Rema 1000 recalls vegetarian burgers

Rema 1000 withdraws vegetarian burgers because the packaging has insufficient allergen labeling of mustard. On the same note; Coop withdraws vegetarian sausages for a similar reason.


Consumers suffering from allergic reactions mustard is recommended to return the product to the store, says Rema 1000.

– We have become aware that the spice mixture used in the production of ‘Meatish Burger’ contained mustard and apologizes to its customers that this has not been properly declared on the packaging, says Eskil Pedersen. He is Deputy Director of Communications at the producer; Nortura.

Removed from stores

The products are now removed from the store shelves and are not harmful to customers without mustard allergy. Customers who have products in the fridge or freezer can return these at their nearest Rema 1000 store and get their money back.


Coop withdraws vegetarian sausages

Coop pulls back sausages made from rapeseed oil and egg protein because the packaging has inadequate allergen labeling of milk.

The sausage ‘Coop Vegetardag‘ has now been removed from Coop’s stores. Customers who bought the sausages, which are marked with sell by date 4.6.2017 and batch / Lot: 31731817, can return the product to the store and get the money back. According to Coop, sausages can pose a health hazard to those who are allergic to milk.


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