Opposition in Venezuela find no agreement after talks in Norway

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Representatives of the government of Venezuela and the opposition have failed to agree after talks in Norway so far the opposition said.

“The meeting ended without an agreement” said a statement by opposition leader, Juan Guaidós representatives on Wednesday night. They also said further in the statement:

‘’We have insisted that mediation will be useful for Venezuela when there are elements that make it possible to proceed to a real solution.’’

They also stated that they have maintained their claim that Nicolás Maduro will resign as president, that they want to establish a transitional government and arrange a free election.

Will continue cooperation

‘’We thank Norway for the willingness to try to find a solution to the chaos that our country is suffering’’ said Guaidós representatives.

They added that they are willing to continue working with Norway to find a solution, as well as the Lima Group and the International Contact Group for Venezuela (ICG). The latter two will hold a meeting at ministerial level on June the 3rd in New York on the situation in Venezuela.

Representatives of the government of Venezuela and representatives of the opposition have been in Oslo this week for new talks on thepolitical and economic crisis in the country.

Positive fabout finding a solution

The statement from the opposition said that the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday evening that the parties are positive about finding a political solution. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they had discussed topics such as politics, economics and elections.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged both parties to show restraint in their comments and statements regarding the process, to safeguard a process that could lead to results.

The American Foreign Ministry has stated that “the only thing to discuss with Maduro is the conditions of his resignation”.

Over 50 countries have recognised opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president. Norway has not.

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