Venstre (V) to ban sexual reorientation therapy

Oslo Pride Parade 2018Oslo Pride Parade 2018.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

V’s top politicians, Grunde Almeland, Iselin Nybø, and Guri Melby want a ban on sexual “reorientation” of gays.

V have submitted the proposal to the Liberal Party’s national convention wrote Klassekampen newspaper.

‘’First and foremost, we believe that conversion therapy itself is fundamentally problematic and something that should not take place’’ said
parliamentary representative, Almeland.

Sexual reorientation, also referred to as ‘homotherapy’,or conversion therapy,involves attempting to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay or bisexual.

The so-called treatment received renewed attention in January when it became known that a Christian network that offered it had been affiliated with Misjonskirken (Mission Church) Norway,which in turn was associated with the congregation of the Kristelig Folkeparti(KrF) summit and minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Ropstad disregarded sexual reorientation,while the Mission Church pointed out that it was no longer associated with the network.

‘’I am a children and family minister for all children, no matter what,and for all family forms.People must decide for themselves what lives they want to live’’ wrote Ropstad in an email to the newspaper.He said he has not considered V’s proposal.

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