Venstre want greater tax cuts

Terje BreivikTerje Breivik.Photo:

In its alternative state budget, Venstre (V) wishes to provide greater tax cuts than the government has proposed. They say that tax cuts should go to most people.


According to Venstre’s budget proposal, people who earn NOK 1 million or less should receive an average tax deduction of NOK 3,000, reported NRK news.

‘Venstre is very keen to reinforce the changes that Norwegian business needs to undergo,and make everyday life easier for most people. Then we must lower the tax on what we want more of, namely work and jobs’, said Terje Breivik, Venstre’s fiscal spokesman.

Those earning between 250,000, and 400,000 kroner, are those who’d receive the highest percentage tax cuts in Venstre’s proposed state budget. Those earning over NOK 1 million would pay more in taxes.

Venstre also want to cut employer’s start-up taxes for businesses with less than five employees, to make it easier for entrepreneurs during the start-up phase.


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