Veterinarians to help reveal family violence

CatThe cat Krokus.Photo: Berit Roald / Scanpix

Veterinarians across the country will contribute to a new project that will reveal acts of violence in close relationships.


In 2018, the Crisis Secretariat will lead the pioneer project “See the context” (‘’Se Sammenhengen’’) to raise awareness of the relationship between violence against animals and violence in close relationships reported Aftenposten.

The goal is closer cooperation between health care,child welfare, police, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and veterinarians on the detection and handling of violence.

‘’The connection between violence against animals and violence against children or other family members is known. Adults who abuse children or partners may also abuse the animals of the family. Violence against domestic animals can be the first or only visible signs of violence in close family relationships,” said Norwegian Animal Safety Officer and veterinarian, Åshild Roaldset.

Today, veterinary surgeons do not have a statutory duty of warning in accordance with the Child Welfare Act, as several other occupational groups have.

“But we know that many veterinarians report, like their fellow human beings, to organisations such as child welfare,” said President of the Norwegian Veterinary
Association, Torill Moseng.

She also tells that a veterinarian may be the first one who is aware of a victim of violence, and says veterinarians must be prepared to handle it.


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