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Veterinarian is denied the right to husbandry

Agriculture, cows, Hindus Religion gelatin husbandryAgriculture, cows. Photo: Norway Today Media


Veterinarian in Melhus is denied the right to husbandry

A farmer in Melhus is no longer allowed to perform animal husbandry. South Trøndelag District Court has upheld a state decision. The decision states that all animals on the farm of the female veterinarian must be either relocated or slaughtered.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority made the decision against the female farmer, who is also a veterinarian, in 2018. This, after she has broken the Animal Welfare Act for several years. The matter was first mentioned by NRK.

Numerous violations

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has been on several inspections to the farm, ever since 2007. The FSA highlights in its decision that it – on several occasions – has found that the animals lacked access to drinking water.

Additionally, it was determined that the lean-tos of several animals were too small or draughty. Several of the animals were, furthermore, kept in muddy and wet outdoor areas.

The woman has, to add insult to injury, reportedly not installed fire alarm systems for the cow barn, despite several instructions to do so.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s order applies for twelve years.

In the ruling from South Trøndelag District Court, it is stated that the woman notified, beforehand, that she will appeal the verdict if the Norwegian State is acquitted.

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