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Vicar caught drink driving

Vågsbygd church Church of NorwayIllustration.Vågsbygd church in Kristiansand. Photo:


A priest in Østfold has been convicted by Frederikstad District Court for drink-driving after he was caught out on his way to a Confirmation Service.

The man in his 50s only meant to  have a few glasses of wine the night before the big confirmation service. In his explaination to the court, he says he drank from a winebox  and was therefore not sure how much he had drunk, NRK reports.

In the morning he was stopped by the police. An breathalising  test was performed which showed a 0.58 promille level.

The court is acknowledging that the man gave an unreserved confession and was therefore only sentenced to 14 days community service. In addition, he must pay a fine of 20,000 kroner and he was stripped of his driver’s license for one year. The man, according to NRK, no longer works as a priest.


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