Victim of bullying receives out-of-court settlement from Trondheim municipality

bullying DrangedalBullying. Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Trondheim municipality has entered into a settlement with a 19 year old woman who was badly bullied at secondary school. The parties were to meet in court next month.


The 19 year old was so distressed at the secondary school that she had both post-traumatic stress disorder, and became medically invalid, reported NRK news.

The amount of compensation in the out-of-court agreement is confidential. The settlement also contains several other points that the municipality must fulfill.

The girl’s parents told NRK that their daughter ‘has finally been heard’. At the same time, they emphasised that there are no winners or losers in this case, and pointed out that ‘lost school time, both past and in the future, lack of socialising with fellow students, and a ruined youth, are things that can never be replaced or repaired.’

The bullying took place for several years, and much of it happened on social media.

Family lawyer, Arvid Kjærvik, said that overall, it was better for the 19 year old to enter into a settlement than having to go through a lawsuit.

‘The chair will accept the agreement in a closed meeting on Tuesday, and before that is done, the case is not finished,’ emphasised Kjærvik.

Trondheim municipality do not want to comment on the settlement, except that municipal director, Camilla Trud Nereid, said that the municipality is pleased to have come to a solution that both parties can be satisfied with.


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