Vinmonopolet to consider removing three-liter boxed vodka from its offer

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Vinmonopolet’s sale of three-liter boxed vodka triggered strong reactions. Vinmonopolet is now considering whether to remove the “boxed vodka” from its offer, the newspaper Dagbladet writes.

Three-liter vodka boxes at Vinmonopolet have in recent days attracted attention among organizations working against alcohol abuse. Now, several organizations are demanding that Vinmonopolet remove the three-liter boxes from the shelves.

“Selling liters of alcohol is like asking for increased damage and problems as a result of alcohol,” acting general secretary of Actis, Lars F. Hjetland, told Dagbladet.


“If Vinmonopolet does not remove it, we will raise it with the Minister of Health,” Hjetland said.

Vinmonopolet’s communications director Halvor Bing Lorentzen understands the concern but says that Vinmonopolet is obliged to treat wholesalers equally.

“As long as this is a legal product, we have few opportunities to stop the sale,” he said but added that Vinmonopolet would consider whether the sale could be stopped.

He stated that the three-liter vodka box was first launched in Vinmonopolet’s in 2003. Last year, Vonmonopolet sold 145,000 liters of this product.

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