Sharp increase in violence and threats in prisons

Ila prisonBÆRUM, Ila prison.Photo: Berit Roald / SCANPIX .

Last year 801 threats and incidents were registered between inmates and employees in Norwegian prisons. In 2014 the number was 508. Both staff and inmates are concerned.

Director Marianne Vollan in the Correctional Directorate confirms the increase to TV2 news.
– We consider this to be very serious. Nonetheless, we believe that we are doing fully satisfactory work within the funds we are allocated, said Vollan. Director Harald Åsaune in Bergen prison thinks that the funds provided are insufficient to operate acceptably.
– The thing that worries me the most in this situation is that many staff report back to me that they are being worn out by their jobs. They feel that they are not able to do enough, they have more tasks than they are able to solve.
The TV channel has also spoken with a prison guard and an inmate about this, and they both  say that resources which are set aside for ensuring good recovery are being cut and that there is less time to build good relationships between staff and inmates.
Knut Are Svenkerud is the leader of the Association of Correctional Professionals . He expects the Director of Correctional Services Directorate to give a thorough briefing to the justice minister about the situation.
They have to ensure that the employees get a safe working-day.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today