Parents accused of violence have moved from Norway

protests against the Norwegian child welfareOslo.Protests against the Norwegian child welfare : Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

The Norwegian-Romanian parents who were living in Naustdal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, who have been accused of violence against their children, have moved to Romania.

Last autumn CPS took their their five children away from them, and the parents were charged with committing violence on their children. The case has caused strong reactions,with many people getting involved and in other countries – both in Europe and in North America – there have been widespread protests against the Norwegian child welfare system. This summer the parents got their kids back, but the police brought charges against the couple.
The couple  confirms to NRK  that they now reside in Romania, and that they won’t come back. The couple do not want to be interviewed.
The lawyer of the father of the  children , Ragnhild Torgersen, says the couple have not moved in order to escape criminal liability, saying they would come back for the trial. It is not yet certain when the trial is scheduled to begin .
In an interview on Romanian television, the couple admitted that they have given spanked their children and pulled their ears – even though they knew that such  methods of upbringing are illegal in Norway.
Police Attorney  at Western Police district, Sissel Kleven,  did not want to comment on the case.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today