Violence verdict against Arfan Bhatti upheld

Arfan Bhatti, preachers of hateArfan Bhatti.Photo: Kyrre Lien / NTB scanpix

The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal from the Islamist Arfan Bhatti.

The sentence of 14 days imprisonment for violence against his spouse is therefore confirmed.

The case has been through a long series of litigation before the verdict is now final, Nettavisen reports.

Bhatti was sentenced to 14 days in prison by Oslo District Court last January. The sentence was then deemed to be completed as Bhatti had been in custody for nine days.

Bhatti appealed because he believed it was committed procedural errors. The controversy is that a sound log from the Emergency medical communication (AMK) centre was used as evidence in the district court.

The Oslo District Court had played three recorded phone calls from Bhatti’s spouse in July 2015.

– It is to be noted that the spouse’s denial of being exposed to violence, and against the police’s use of her medical records, was disregarded, Bhatti’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, told Nettavisen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today