Virke thinks it goes too slow to get refugees to work

Virke director Inger Lis BlyverketOslo.Virke director Inger Lis Blyverket .Photo : VIDAR RUUD / NTB scanpix

Virke director Inger Lis Blyverket think the government spends too long to approve a scheme which should make it easier for refugees to get into employment.

The scheme involves using short interviews to assess and document the qualifications of refugees coming to Norway. It has already been developed and can practically start immediately, but is currently being reviewed by the Ministry of Education, writes newspaper VG.

– I find it surprising that this is such a tenacious process. Authorities have said they want to get refugees to work as quickly as possible. Now they blame a lack of coordination between the ministry and directorates. This is bureaucracy at its worst, linked to a lack of political decisiveness, says Blyverket, director of employment policy in the employers’ organization.

The ministry can not answer how long it will take to assess the proposed interview arrangement.
– We received the proposal only in June. We will see how this can work in conjunction with the many measures that the government has started, writes political adviser Magnus Thue (H) in the Ministry of Education in an email to the newspaper.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today