Want to turn the amphibious unit into drone experts

Defense Defense.Photo: Mats Grimsæth/Forsvarets mediesenter / NTB scanpix

Five years after the Chief of Defense received political opposition to decommissioning the amphibious unit command, defense leadership has defined the new mission of the elite soldiers.

In 2015, Defense Secretary Haakon Bruun-Hanssen wanted to decommission the entire Amphibious Command (KJK) to save money. However, the closure was halted by the opposition in the Parliament and the employees themselves who opposed the government and the defense leadership. Since, it has been researched what the 120 elite soldiers and 30 civilians can best do.

Now the question has been investigated by the Ministry of Defense, the leaders of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force and as well as the special forces, writes Aftenposten. The department’s new head, Sten Richard Larsen, tells the newspaper that the soldiers should aim to become the world’s best in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and finding goals.

The amphibious unit will also aim to be the best environment for drones, including large drones, which can be operated both from land and from ships.

– “We will have come a long way by 2025 and have finished training with new material in 2028,” Larsen tells Aftenposten.

The decision means that the amphibious command will remain at Trondenes outside Harstad. Basic education will take place at Haakonsvern in Bergen.

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