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Bomb squad moved out to Wara due to a letter

Tor Mikkel Wara letter Progress PartyNorwegian Minister of Justice, Tor Mikkel Wara (Progress Party). Photo: Fremskrittspartiet


Bomb squad moved out to Wara due to letter in his mailbox

The bomb squad of the Norwegian police moved to the home of Minister of Justice and Immigration, Tor Mikkel Wara (Progress Party). This after a suspicious letter was found in his mailbox.

“The letter to Wara is perceived as threatening,” the police in Oslo informs VG.

“There is nothing to indicate a real threat situation, but we, nevertheless, view the matter as being serious,” according to the police.

Operations Manager of the Oslo Police District, Tor Grøttum, tells NRK that the letter is secured; and that the police will perform technical investigations on-site.

Grøttum will not go into more detail regarding what is written in the letter.

Don’t know who delivered the letter to Wara

The police do not know if the letter has been delivered by the sender or the postal service.

“We try to find out how the letter has wound up in the mailbox, and are in contact with Minister of Justice, Wara, and his family as we speak,” Grøttum tells NRK.

Tor Mikkel Wara has been exposed to threats and vandalism several times over the past few months. Grøttum states that it is natural for the police to investigate whether this can be related to past events.

At the beginning of December, the Minister of Justice found his car and home tagged with swastikas and the word «racist». Findings were also made that led to suspicion that someone had attempted to torch the family car of Wara. On January 17th, there was, furthermore, discovered a budding fire in the trash can belonging to the home of Wara.

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