Warm and wet winter in Norway this year

winter landscape windWinter landscape.Photo: Pixabay.com

In winter, the average temperature for the whole country has been 2.3 degrees above normal, says the Meteorological Institute.

The season is among the 20 hottest in a series that dates back to 1900. The largest deviations were in the higher regions in southern Norway with about 4 degrees above normal.

A few stations in Troms had average temperatures just above normal.

The winter of 1991/92 was the hottest with 4.3 degrees above normal. The coldest is 1965/66 with 4.7 degrees below normal.

The warmest measuring stations in winter were Ytterøyane lighthouse in Flora in Sogn og Fjordane with an average temperature of 5.1 degrees, which is 2.2 above normal. At Herøy in Møre og Romsdal, the temperature was 4.9 degrees, which is 1.7 degrees above normal.

The coldest was in Karasjok and Kautokeino where an average temperature of -15.3 degrees and -14.4 degrees was measured, which for both stations’ part was 0.6 degrees warmer than normal.

The total rainfall for the whole country was 120 percent of the norm. Some stations in Eastern Norway, in Nordland and in Finnmark received 200-300 per cent of the norm. At the same time, several stations in Western Norway received about only 50 percent of the normal rainfall.

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