Warmer and snowy weather at the weekend

Snow in OsloOslo.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Higher temperatures will characterize the weekend, along with wind and rain or heavy snow.

“We recommend getting the snow clearing done before the weekend,” says meteorologist Marit Berger at the Meteorological Institute.

In recent days there has been a great deal of snow in large parts of the country, but this weekend a low pressure front will come in from the south/southwest. The low pressure brings wind and precipitation, which together with milder temperatures will cause heavy snow.

“This is especially true for southern Norway, but we will probably see something of the same also in the north, west and in central Norway,” says Berger.

“So it will be nice indoor weekend.”

There will be some rainfall for the eastern part of the country towards the end of the weekend, and higher temperatures.

Bad weather and avalanche danger
The storm can lead to several closed mountain crossings in both northern and southern Norway over the next few days. This goes hand in hand with the avalanche danger we now see over large parts of the country, especially in Trøndelag and in western Norway. For the weekend, the danger warning can also cover large parts of northern Norway.

The avalanche warning is sent out by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

“They only send out notifications for a short period of time, so here people must be aware and keep an eye on varsom.no,” Berger explains.

Due to the warm weather, the change between snow and rain can be sudden.

Temperature drop after the weekend
Berger says that the low-pressure activity will continue next week but then with a slightly more northwesterly wind, which results in a lower temperature. Inner areas in Finnmark and Troms may escape much of the low pressure, and thus also the storm.

“The weather there could be a little better, but not much,” Berger says.

There will also be precipitation and wind on Spitsbergen, but from the east.

“Although they can also expect somewhat higher temperatures, it will still be below zero, so the precipitation will come in the form of large snowfalls.”

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