No warning lamp in the cockpit of 737 MAX

cockpit warning light 737Cockpit at night. Photo: Marina Hinic / Pexels

No warning lamp in the cockpit of Norwegian’s 737 MAX 8

Norwegian Airlines admits that the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft do not have a warning light in the cockpit that warns the pilots of deviations in the attack angle of the aircraft.


The airline writes this in an email to the news agency  Reuters.

The warning lamp is intended to alert the aircraft if the angle of attack, ie the angle between a wing and the air flow. The attack sensor is intended to alert the pilot if the nose of the aircraft is pointing up too much, something which may cause the aircraft to stall.

A failing attack sensor is believed to have contributed to both the Lion Air 737 Max 8 disaster in Indonesia last October, as well as the crash in Ethiopia on March 10th. 189 and 157 lost their lives in the two accidents, respectively.

“We have chosen not to fit this particular optional extra to our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which is a decision other airlines have also made, since it is not a safety critical feature nor is it a requirement by any aviation authority, regardless of what some may falsely allege,” Norwegian writes in the email to Reuters.

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