Warnings against poisonous ampoules found along the Oslo Fjord coastline

The city of OsloOslo City.Photo: Norway Today media

The fire department issued warnings after ampoules probably from World War II were found in the Oslo Fjord.


‘’It is a clear 6-7cm ampoule containing various chemicals used as a measuring instrument by the Germans during the war to detect combat gasses.Therefore, we assume that all the vials are poisonous. Not all are equally toxic, but one of the type may contain the deadly poison,cyanide,’’ said Hurum’s fire chief, Nils Georg Nordskag to NRK news.

He expects that more ampoules will be found at Hurumland and elsewhere along the coast during the summer season, saying it is important not to touch the ampoule but to secure the place and alert the police.

In addition to Tofte, ampoules have also been found in Mandal and in the archipelago of Vestfold during the year.

According to the Defence Research Institute, all the ampoules are toxic. The most dangerous contain potassium cyanide. The substance gives immediate respiratory paralysis. An intake of 50mg may be fatal. One ampoule contains approximately 80 mg.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today