We love porridge in December

Christmas porridgeChristmas porridge.Photo.Pixabay

Christmas porridge is not just for the holiday season.Rice pudding has become an important pre-Christmas dish. It is somewhat surprising the younger people eat the traditional dish more often than the older ones.

Over 8 out of 10 young adults between the ages of 18 and 39 eat Christmas porridge during the month of December.

More porridge is eaten during the pre-Christmas season than the Christmas holidays, according to recent figures from a survey Norstat conducted on behalf of Melk.no.

So, it seems to be a trend that some start Christmas preparations earlier now than before. As many as 76% of Norway’s population consume Christmas porridge during December but on Christmas Eve, less than a third of us eat rice pudding .

“Before it was usual to decorate for Christmas and make rice pudding just before Christmas Eve and then Christmas lasted “all the way to Easter”. Now many people are decorating for Christmas and enjoying Christmas food right from the first advent,” said Ida Berg Hauge in the Dairy Information Office (Melk.no).

On the other hand, almost no porridge is eaten after the 1st and 2nd Christmas Day, according to the survey.

Porridge is most popular among young adults. Among those in their twenties and thirties, 8 out of 10 eat Christmas porridge in December before the Christmas holiday starts, compared to 7 out of 10 among those 50 years and older.

“Among the young adults, there are also many parents of toddlers serving Christmas porridge to their children and the family. The nice thing about rice pudding is that it is suitable for both young and old. It is easy to prepare for many and the milk used contains several good nutrients the body needs every day. And not least, it tastes incredibly good,” said Hauge.

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  1. Beklager men porridge er ikke risengrøt. Det er havrygrynsgrøt. Korrekt oversettelse er rice pudding. Hilsen en Brit.

    • Tor Ingar Oesterud | 16. December 2019 at 10:27 | Reply

      Tusen takk for det viktige tipset.Bare å si i fra hvis du ser noe som ikke stemmer 🙂
      Ha en super God Jul 🙂

      Med vennlig hilsen
      Norway Today

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