Weak salmon season in Norwegian rivers

FishingFishing.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / SCANPIX

This year’s salmon season yielded almost 20% fewer fish than an average season according to an estimate from the Norske Lakseelver organization.


“We estimate that about 97,000 salmon were fished, about 20,000 of which were resuscitated.The hot and dry summer is the main reason for the decline’’ said Erik Sterud, chief executive officer in Norsk Lakseelver.

The estimate is based on the catch result in 55 rivers from north to south.

But the fish varied from river to river and from county to county.In both Drammenselva and Mandalselva, there were around 40% more fish than in the average season, but these were also the farthest south. In total,the rivers from Trøndelag to Troms were the best, while the rivers in Western Norway and Finnmark had a mild season.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today