The police want tips after weapons break-in

Dal.Blue Audi A4 station car 2006 model with registration number BE 11954.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

The police are asking for tips after weapons break-in in Akershus

The police seek information about two cars after ‘Børselars’ at Dal in Akershus was robbed of a hitherto unknown number of weapons. The weapons break-in occurred on early on Monday


One or more weapons thieves made a hit on Monday night and broke into the store by ramming an Audi through a garage door. The car was left behind after the theft, and the police want tips from people who have information about it.

– We are talking about a a blue Audi A4 station car from 2006 with registration number ‘BE 11954’, which was discovered to be stolen in Drøbak late on July 18. All observations surrounding this car are interesting to the police, says acting Sheriff in Eidsvoll and Hurdal, Espen Sandvold, to TV 2.

Several different weapons

Additionally, the police are asking for tips on a white Toyota Hiace that was seen in the area around the scene between 2 and 6 am on Monday. The police think that this might have been used as an escape vehicle.

There were several weapons of various types stolen during the burglary, but the police currently have no overview of exactly what was stolen. The police were notified of the burglary at 6 am Monday morning. When they arrived, nobody were present. So far no one has been apprehended.


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