Mature couple grew marihuana in the basement

Well adult couples grown marijuana in the basementGrowing marijuana. Photo

A couple in their late 50s  been has sentenced to community service by the Stavanger District Court for having cultivated and stored marijuana.  In a dried condition the marihuana found by the police weighed nearly half a kilo.
Both have well-paying jobs, and none of them have any prior convictions. The cultivation of the marijuana was said to have come about because of the husband’s interest in plants, Stavanger Aftenblad writes.
In court the man explained that he had been cultivating marihuana  for a long time.  A whim that he got when he accidentally stumbled over equipment for producing marijuana was said to have lead to them starting to grow their own marihuana. The wife made the condition that no one was to know about the cultivation, that it was to have a limited scope and that it would not cause any odors.
But the smell was there anyway, and it was for this reason that the police become aware of them growing the marijuana. They seized the plants in February last year. Both the man and the woman confessed immediately and they  also agreed to the case was settled by a verdict based on a confession.
The man admits that he tried marijuana once in his youth, but that he had never used drugs again before he started cultivating the marihuana.
The man got 147 hours of community service, while his wife got 117 hours of community service.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today