Wet election weather over most of the country

Rainy-weatherRainy-weather.Photo: Pixabay

In southern Norway, most people should be prepared for rain when their civic duty is due today, while people up north can expect milder weather.


The Meteorological Institute warns unstable weather both south and north of Stad and Dovre on election day. Although there is a chance for nice weather in northern Norway, most places should be prepared for rainfall.

“In southern Norway you should definitely have an umbrella when going out and voting,” states meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss to NTB.

He says weather forecasts are a bit better further north, but they will also be the most variable conditions. In addition, it will be windy in a lot more areas, especially in Troms and Finnmark, where there is a strong cold front early this election day.

Agdar counties and the coast of Telemark will have to deal with very strong winds Monday, but it is uncertain whether it will come from left or right.

“The coast will have windy conditions, inland will should have milder conditions,” says Gislefoss.

For Eastern Norway lower temperatures, with a lot of wind almost storm conditions, plus rain throughout the day. In addition, a lot of localized heavy rain showers can occur.

The same warning is given for the counties further west. Both Telemark and Agder must count on wind and heavy precipitation, and Rogaland may get some thunder. Further north will experience scattered rainfall.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today