What are Norwegians putting under the Christmas tree this year? Fewer skis and more mobile phones

Christmas giftsPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Import figures are always a good indication of what Norwegians will be putting under the Christmas tree. This year, electronics are the most popular.

The import of various goods that are usually not produced in Norway could reveal what lies under the Christmas trees next week.

Statistics Norway (SSB) has taken a closer look at the import figures in September, October, and November and believes that mobile phones will be a staple gift this year.

Mobile and flat-screen TVs popular

Although imports have fallen by 10% in the three pre-Christmas months this year compared to the same period of last year, mobile phones still reign supreme – with an import of around 540,000 mobile phones in the pre-Christmas months.

Furthermore, just over 88,000 55-inch flat-screen TVs were imported in the last three months. That is an increase of around 23% from 2019.

However, traditional goods such as skis, both alpine and cross-country skis, have registered a decline, which has been the trend in recent years.

Decline in ski sales

Imports of alpine skis in the three months as a whole has fallen from around 85,000 pairs last year to just over 50,000 pairs this year – a fall of as much as 40%. 

The figures for cross-country skiing are somewhat better. 

Imports of cross-country and mountain skis were just over 65,000 pairs in the September-November period this year, a fall of 10%from last year.

Imports of Christmas trees have increased by well over 30% from last year – almost 120,000 trees have been imported this year.

Furthermore, in September, October, and November, more than 3,500 tonnes of oranges and as many as 9,300 tonnes of clementines were imported.

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