Wheelchair user forgotten at OSL – missed her flight

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Passenger record cycling world championship customsOslo Airport Gardermoen in Ullensaker Municipality. Photo: Norway Today Media

Wheelchair passenger forgotten at gate at Gardermoen – missed her flight

An 83 year old woman in a wheelchair who was traveling for a health trip to Alicante was forgotten at Gardermoen (OSL). The woman missed her flight. Avinor, says they are sorry.


The woman was left at a gate at the airport, but only after the flight to Alicante had left, she was discovered. She had to buy a new ticket to continue on her health trip, reports NRK.

– “I said that she had to take me to the gate for the flight to Alicante was leaving from. Yes, she would. We drove and drove and eventually we came to a place where I sat for several hours,” says 83-year-old to NRK.

Never returned

She says that when the plane was boarding no one called out her name, not even over the speaker system. And the woman who helped her get around the airport with the wheelchair never came back.

– “I had said several times to her, not to forget me, oh no she was not going to forget about me. I did not dare to leave the chair that i was sitting in. I think it was very stupid that this happened and I must say it was very badly handled,” says 83-year-old.

Avnior strongly apologizes and promises to refund the 6,000 NOK the woman had to pay for a new ticket.


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