Wild boar tips to be rewarded with 2,000 kroner

Wild boar.Photo: Kyrre Lien / NTB scanpix

If you notify the Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) of sick or dead wild boar, you can collect NOK 2,000

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority offers reimbursement regardless of whether the animal has been hit by a car or found in the wild. However, requirements are set for the person reporting:

“It is important that the person who notifies can give us the exact location, either by showing us or by giving an accurate map reference. Allowance will only be paid for the animals that can be found for sampling,” says Anne Marie Jahr.

The goal is to detect disease and prevent the animals from spreading it. Wild boar can carry African swine fever, a disease that is very serious in both wild and domestic swine.

“African swine fever is one of the most loss-making viral diseases found. There is no vaccine or cure for the disease,” Jahr says.

The disease is constantly spreading to new countries and has been found in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, among others.

However, the virus does not infect humans or other animals.

Wild boars have spread rapidly along the Swedish border in recent years, from Halden in the south to Trøndelag in the north. The Norwegian population is now estimated to comprise between 400 and 1,200 animals. Both pig producers Norsvin and the Norwegian Veterinary Association have advocated for reducing their numbers, with the risk of swine fever as the main argument.

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