Wild boars can spread along the coast of southern Norway to Trøndelag

Wild boarWild boar.Photo: Julia Voster / NTB scanpix

Feeding of wild boar is the main reason for the spread of the animal in Norway.The lowlands along the coast up to Trøndelag give the animal good living conditions, says a report.

The wild boar, which comes from Sweden, is expected to thrive in mixed forest along the coast.There can be space for as many as 220,000 animals, but the estimates say there will be about 20,000 wild boar in the country in 10 to 15 years.

It is the Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) that has assessed the consequences for the environment and health if wild boars are seriously established in Norway. Their report, which was completed in June, is written on behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Environment Directorate.

According to the report, the establishment and spread of wild boar is linked to human activity. It concerns primarily transport of wild boar to new areas for hunting purposes and feeding of the animals.

There are many and different interests related to the spread of wild boars. The animal creates problems for agriculture, while there are great interests in hunting. In addition, pig breeders fear infection and spread of diseases.

For the population, wild boar can cause traffic problems. In Sweden, for example, there are a large number of traffic accidents annually. In addition, the pig also causes damage to cemeteries, gardens and in the countryside.

The report shall form the basis for developing a target for a management of wild boar in Norway, together with interested stakeholders.


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