Wild Lynx jumped into lynx area in Bjørneparken

Lynx NorwayLynx. Photo: Bjørneparken

A wild lynx has arrived on a surprise visit to the lynx area in Bjørneparken in Hallingdal. It has been both flirting and fighting with the two lynxes in the park.

Lynx has probably taken the running speed and movement before it got over the four-meter high fences around the park, said director Kees Oscar Ekeli in Bjørneparken at Flå to NRK.

On Sunday afternoon, the employees discovered that suddenly three were lynxes in the corral.

In Bjørneparken live one lynx family pair. Now it’s time for copulation for lynx, and that is probably what has lured the wild male lynx into place.

There has been fighting between the two-male lynx, and the park’s own lynx, Blixen, has got a tear in his nose. Bjørneparken has managed to separate the two apart. I think the park’s female lynx, Flora, is the most satisfied with the new situation, said the director.

– She thinks it is utterly sublime. She sits like a princess together with the new lynx and think this is utterly brilliant, says Ekeli who think it is very likely that lynx cubs are the result after surprise visit.

Bjørneparken shall on Monday inquire with the FSA about how to deal with that they have also received a wild lynx in the park.

The park has not opened for the season, so no visitors have been joined by the scene on Sunday.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today