Politicans wants to reduce alcohol consumption in Longyearbyen

Alcohol is much cheaper in Svalbard.LONGYEARBYEN.Alcohol is much cheaper in Svalbard..Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix
Politicians in Longyearbyen wants  to bring down the level of alcohol consumption in the town, but do not know the amounts of alcoholic beverages that are purchased.
This year there are 25 active licenses for selling alcoholic beverages in Longyearbyen. In additionlicenses are issued for various events, and along with the license for the authorized liquor store Nordpolet this  makes 67 adittional licences  the local newspaper, Svalbard Posten, writes.
The local council of Longyearbyen is currently preparing its alcohol policy plan, and the main goal is to reduce the alcohol consumption. Youth surveys will be conducted at least every four years in order to map and secure the statistics on the actual use of alcohol and tobacco.
There is “no requirement for reporting from license holders, no fees are paid for the licences and this means the local council has not got a good idea of the amount of alcohol purchases,” according to the documents. Sector Head of upbringing and culture, Unn Martinsen, will confer with lawyers to find out if the Longyearbyen local council may require statistics from the license holders.
Espen Klungseth Rotevatn (MDGs) wants a debate on alcohol policy in Longyearbyen and thinks that businesses today consider it a formality to get an alcohol license.
Eivind Trondsen (V) thinks   comparin Longyearbyen with other municipalities s difficult , since it is a tourist destination.
– I really disagree with placing restrictions on licensed premises, he points out.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today