Will request quick extradition of Lindén

Makaveli LindénMakaveli Lindén (20) who is charged with the murder and robbery on Majorstua in Oslo, was arrested by the police in Dijon, France on Tuesday. Photo: Polisen.

Will request quick extradition of Makaveli Lindén

Makaveli Lindén (20) who is charged with the murder and robbery on Majorstua in Oslo, was arrested by the police in Dijon, France on Tuesday.


The police informed about this at a press conference on Tuesday evening. Norwegian police were notified of the arrest on Tuesday afternoon at 4.35 pm.

The family of Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) was informed of the arrest by the Norwegian police ahead of the press conference.

– There has been an intensive investigation and we are very pleased with the arrest, but we have a lot left to do. Not least, it is important to hear what the indicted have to say, says Police Inspector Grete Lien Metlid, who leads the investigation.

Team to France

The police are planning to send a team of Norwegian interrogators to France as soon as possible.

– We do not know when, or if, we can send interrogators to France, this must be clarified with French police first. It also depends on how long the extradition process takes, Metlid emphasises to NTB.

– We have had a good partnership with Europol and Interpol in the pursuit of Lindén, informs Police Attorney, Christian Hatlo, who is in charge of the legal side of the case.

The police will not say anything specific about what led to the arrest, which they were informed about at 4.35 pm on Tuesday.

– At this time, we can not provide details about the arrest, says Metlid on questions about whether Lindén reported himself to the police.

– But we believe that he has been aware that he has been wanted internationally. We believe that he has been aware of the situation, Metlid continues.

According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, his cellphone was traced by the police to Belgium on Sunday morning. The newspaper quotes anonymous Norwegian sources regarding this information.

The track led to a more intensive surveillance that led the police to France and thus the arrest of Lindén.


The extradition process will start as soon as practically possible.

– We will ask for him to be extradited tomorrow, Wednesday. How long it will take depends on whether he agrees with the extradition or not, the Police Attorney specifies.

The 20-years-old has been wanted internationally since Friday last week. Lindén is facing charges of murder and aggravated robbery.

– The aggravated robbery does not stem from the murder. We refer to the robbery in the garage in Essendrop’s street, Metlid informs.

Travelled to Uppsala

Lindén is charged with murdering Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) in an apartment in the Arbo street at Majorstua in Oslo last Monday. He is also charged with aggravated robbery in Essendrop’s street – close by the murder scene – the same morning.

The Police believes that he left Oslo and Norway on the same day that the murder and robbery occurred.

– We have observation, video and other information indicating that he is entering a train that was due at 4.56 pm from Oslo Central Station bound for Stockholm. We also believe he went back to his hometown, Uppsala, but do not want to say anything more about information and movements after this at present, Police Inspector Grete Metlid tells NTB on Monday.



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