UP will sharpen the penalty for mobile phone use on the road

mobileMale talking on mobile phone while driving a car.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX

The number of people who die in traffic accidents increases during the summer months. Now the Foreign Affairs Police (UP) wish to tighten the penalties for motorists who use mobile phones on the road.


Illegal mobile phone use, which is among the reasons why the summer months are high for traffic accidents, today provides a simple deposit of 1,700 kroner. Now that sum could increase,wrote ABC News.

‘’Those who have a driver’s license will get a double load, and six strikes against them. That is dangerously close to the limit of losing a driver’s license. It would be a good signal to send out that there will be even more stringent reactions,” said UP
chief, Runar Karlsen.

The Ministry of Transport recently had a hearing as a prelude to misuse of mobiles while driving in response to a deadline in September. The consultation note confirmed that mobile use provides a 22 to 164 times higher risk of accidents than usual driving.

It is especially in the summer months that the risk is high.

“Unfortunately, it is a period when there are more serious accidents than otherwise in the year. It is the downside of summer holidays, when there are several fatal accidents during the summer months. In June, 14 people were killed,the highest number so far this year. The story repeats itself.

July has started somewhat better,’’ said Karlsen.


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