Winter is making a comeback in Southern Norway

SnowPhoto: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Nice spring days in Southern Norway are over for the time being. According to the Meteorological Institute, snow is on the way. In the north, the weather will be cool and clear.

“March can be such a tricky month. Last week, it was 16 degrees in some places in Southern Norway. Many believed that spring has finally arrived,” state meteorologist Charalampos Sarchosidis at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

“But March often has some snow on the horizon, and now there is a little taste of winter again,” he said.

The start of the week will admittedly first be marked by clear weather in Southern Norway. However, low pressure is on its way at full speed from the Atlantic Ocean and will hit Norway on Wednesday.

“It first hits Western Norway and then spreads eastwards. There will be a lot of wind and precipitation in the form of snow. Especially in the inner region Østafjells,” he added.

“Sad” weather

The precipitation will turn to rain from Thursday, and Sarchosidis describes the weather as “sad.” Thursday seems to be the worst day, he said.

“There will be a good deal of precipitation and wind before it calms down a bit towards the weekend. We are probably not done with the low pressure, and there will be changing weather over the weekend,” he added.

The weather will probably lead to demanding driving conditions at the mountain passes, the state meteorologist warned.

These days, high pressure over Finland has ensured good driving conditions in general in Norway, and in Southern Norway, there have been many hot days with proper spring weather.

But the temperatures have now dropped, and on Monday morning, 20.7 degrees below zero were registered at Hovden in Setesdal.

Sunny and cold in the north

In the north, it will remain cold, but a lot of nice clear weather is expected in the days ahead.

“Northern Norway is probably the winner in terms of weather this week. Offshore winds will keep the clouds out at sea, so it will be mostly sunny. The temperatures will remain low as cold air will come in from the interior, but we have to endure that,” the meteorologist, who is stationed in Tromsø, noted.

The temperature could drop to minus double-digit degrees in some places in the north. 

“Spring is not here yet. In the long-term forecast, we do not see a clear end to the winter weather, and it will probably remain a bit unstable in the future,” Sarchosidis concluded.

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