Woke up with the Nazi flag on public buildings in Nesna

NesnaNesna. Photo: Heidi Einarsdatter Johansen / NTB scanpix

Shocked residents of Nesna in Nordland awoke Sunday and faced with the flag with Nazi symbols hung up on several public buildings in the municipality.

Flags with swastikas hung at several buildings, including Nesna Elementary school, reports TV2 News.

Mayor of Nesna, Hanne Davidsen says the flags must have been hung up after 3 o’clock on Saturday night because until then the police was on duty.

– It is of course very regrettable and I am deeply troubled by what has happened. We are a community with a diversity of citizens, where people get along well, says the mayor.

She said the case will be reported to the police and there will be an attempt to find out who is behind it.

Also at the community center in Nesna some flags been hung. CEO Harry Mathiasen thinks it’s bad.

– I think it is absolutely terrible, it is something we take serious, says Mathiasen.
Sheriff of Nesna, Hogne Røso was even at work at 3 o’clock on Saturday night.

When he first heard about the incident he thought it was to deal with newer flag of neo-Nazi organizations, but after seeing pictures of the flags he sees now that it comes to old flag from the war, writes Rana Blad.

According to the sheriff, although it is a fairly quiet city but still this has created lots of noises, he says that it creates an unpleasant mood.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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