Woman found dead in Langesund

A dead woman is found in LangesundA dead woman is found in Langesund.Photo: Peder Gjersøe / NTB scanpix

A dead woman is found in Langesund where 25 years old woman has been missing since Friday night.

– I can confirm that we have found a dead woman in the basin, said police attorney Kjetil Langbach from South-East police district to NTB.

The woman found by search crews from the Red Cross at 17:30.

– Now it remains to find the identity of the deceased and find out why the person was there, not to mention the cause of death, said Langnbach.

It is not confirmed that the dead person is the missing Renate Moen (25), but the woman’s relatives are notified.

25 years old has not been seen since she left a private party in town on Friday night. She left the party without outdoor cloths and her phone was found in the house where she was last seen.

Police performed a consultation with her relatives out of a public inquiry earlier Monday.

Since then the police executed the search with crews, dogs and helicopters. Norwegian Rescue Dogs, Civil Defense and Red Cross also participated in the search.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today