Woman killed in motorhome accident at the Oslofjord tunnel

Highway 23, FolloDrøbak.Highway 23, Follo .Photo: Gyda Nesje / NTB scanpix

A woman of 70 years was killed in a violent collision between a motor home and a truck on highway 23, on the Follo side of the Oslofjord tunnel.

On Thursday afternoon a motor home and a truck collided  at the roundabout at highway 23 in Follo.
According to Aftenposten the  motor home, for reasons unknown, crashed into the truck from behind. The collision was so powerful that the motor home where the woman was sitting was divided in two, with one part continuing to drive for several dozen meters ahead. The relatives of the victim have been informed,  the police in Follo informed Twitter.
An elderly man was also seriously injured in the accident and flown to Ullevål Hospital. The driver of the truck emerged unscathed from the violent collision,  the newspaper Drammens Tidende writes.
The accident happened at 17 o’clock Thursday and not much later the police informed  that there had been a serious  accident in the area. Shortly afterward the police informed  about the fatality.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today