Woman reported herself regarding old murder case

Murder Halden WomanPolice Training at the Fjord. Photo: POD

Woman reported herself to the police regarding three years old murder case

The police have indicted and arrested a woman who has told about a murder of a man in Halden in 2015. Until recently, the case was viewed as a suspicious death, but had been put aside.


John Arild Aasen has been appointed as the woman’s defender.

The police were made aware of the death back in 2015, and an investigation was opened because the death was viewed as being suspicious, writes NRK.

– what is changed is that there has been opened a murder investigation. The investigations that were made at that time led to that the police did not find a basis for further investigation, says adviser in the East Police District, Karin Skedsmo Danevad.

The woman who is now charged, contacted the police at the end of January, and explained that she had murdered the man. She has explained about her motive, but the police do not want to go further into her explanation at present due to the ongoing investigation.

The woman was imprisoned in late January because of the danger of loss of evidence.

– It is related to what she has explained to the police and the investigation we will conduct. We want to talk to witnesses without her having the opportunity to influence them, Danevad says

There was supposedly a relationship between the woman and the murdered man, but neither the police nor her lawyer wants to elaborate on that at present.


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