Woman sentenced to community service for abuse of her daughter

court jail car killing 21 years in prisonCourt. Photo:Pixabay.com

A 40 years old woman at Nedre Telemark District Court was sentenced to 150 days of community service for having abused her daughter.

The woman stood accused of having threatened her daughter with a knife once, for having threatened the girl with murder once or twice, and for beating her hands with an open hand several times and to have thrown things at her.

She was also accused of having told her daughter that she hates her, written the newspaper Telemarksavisa.

The woman is known partial guilt in court and explained that the incidents occurred during a period when she struggled mentally.

Since the woman is now receiving treatment and since her daughter has been returned to her mother, said the majority of the judges that it was best for the child that the woman was sentenced to prison.
The woman was thus sentenced to 150 hours of community service that must be completed within five months.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today