Woman threatened neighbour’s family with bow and arrow

Arrow and bowArrow and bow

After threatening the neighbouring family for hours with a  bow and arrow and knives, a woman in her 50s was arrested by police in Trondheim  on Sunday afternoon.


While the foreign family, who have children, watched horrified through the key hole in the door of the apartment, the neighbouring woman threatened them with weapons for hours.

“The woman had acted threateningly toward the family, and was aiming with the bow and arrow at the door and windows,” said Trond Volden,operation manager of Trøndelag police district to NTB news.

The threats hailed against the family throughout the night and into Sunday before the police were notified, and arrived at the apartment in Trondheim city center.

“We found a bow and arrow, and knives in the woman’s apartment. There was also an arrow in the door of the family that was being threatened,” said the operation manager.

The woman who was arrested is well known by the police for drug and thieving crimes. She was sent to the police station on Sunday, but was not questioned.

It’s a bit unclear to the police as to why the woman was so angry with her neighbours.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today