Woman to Trauma Centre after Bus Accident

Bus Accident Skjåk OpplandA woman is transported to Lillehammer hospital after a bus in the night before Tuesday drove off the road in Skjåk municipality in Oppland. The bus slid onto a farm field before it overturned. Photo: Politiet Innlandet / NTB scanpix

Woman to Trauma Clinic after a Bus Accident in Skjåk

A woman is transported to Lillehammer hospital after a bus was blown off highway 15 in Skjåk in Oppland in the night before Tuesday.


The woman suffers from chest and neck pain and was transported by ambulance to the trauma clinic at Lillehammer Hospital. Another person suffers from a gash in the head.

There were 27 persons on board the bus when it ended up off the road close by Skjåk Church. They were first evacuated into the church building before they were transported to the municipal building in Skjåk, where they were treated by health personnel. A crisis team was also called in.

The bus, which was on its way from Oslo to Volda, slid 30 metres onto a farm field before it overturned.

A third person is also brought to the hospital in Lillehammer with minor injuries, the Police reports at 7.13 am.

More serious

“It was probably more serious than first thought. The bus is on its side, so we do not have an overview of the injuries,” Operations Manager in the Inland Police District tells NTB just before 4.50 am.

The cause of the accident is unresolved, but Waage states that it is slippery and windy on the accident site.

It was a passenger who, at the request of the bus driver, notified the emergency services about the incident at 4.18 am. The national road 15 was reopened for traffic past the accident site at 7 am but will later be closed in conjunction with the salvage of the bus.

At 6.26 am on Tuesday another bus drove off the road on national road 15, about 2.5 kilometres east of where the first accident took place. Nobody was injured in the latter incident.

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