Women with foreign backgrounds are systematically discriminated against

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Highly educated women with foreign backgrounds are subject to systematic discrimination in the work force, according to research from the University of Agder.


Immigrants are encouraged to learn the language and get an education. But even for those with higher education – and preferably good grades – the background causes them to be discriminated against, writes NRK.

Researcher May-Linda Magnussen is a specialist in gender, gender equality and discrimination and is behind the research. She has interviewed a large number of women with high education and a foreign backgrounds.

“I’m getting cross when I see the systematic discrimination they are exposed to,” she says. An estimated 25 percent of immigrants with high education do not reach the application rounds.

“We need to develop targeted tools to meet equality and diversity challenges,” says Merethe Anette Ryen, project manager for an equal working life in Vest-Agder county municipality. In the fight against discrimination and harassment, the Agder counties work to get a certification scheme for employers.


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3 Comments on "Women with foreign backgrounds are systematically discriminated against"

  1. Jenna Samsoon | 17. February 2018 at 10:51 |

    No sources. Implied systematic racism. Ye olde “Norwegians are evil and bad.”
    If you really are dim enough to take this stuff seriously, maybe you should consider why that is, and how it might impact your chances of getting a job in the first place.

  2. Jenna i agree that one cannot categorize all Norwegians under the same category…but one must agree that the whole hiring process in Norway isnt very transparent as it seems superficially ..based on your comment you are suggesting that all educated immigrant women should just have their head down and tolerate what ever comes their way in order to find work..also forget equal opportunity statement for men n women

  3. True, proved by my own example. 2 master degrees, work experience in the field and speak a few languages. After 5 years in Norway, difficult even to get a cleaning job. the country lives behind iron curtain, creating artificial barrier to filter out foreigners: fluent Norwegian language requirement. Even at jobs completely oriented at foreign countries, or at jobs where you don’t need to speak. The access to learning this language is very limited, no teachers in small places and one needs big intestment to learn the language in bigger places before being able to find any job at all. So the free movement of work force and openness is just a myth

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