The world trusts Putin over Trump

US President Donald John Trump is often in the headlines. Photo:

The world trusts Putin more than Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a better approval rating than US President Donald Trump around the world, according to a recent survey.


The survey was conducted by the American Pew Research Center and is based on interviews with more than 26,000 persons in 25 countries. The interviews were conducted between May and August this year.

Norway is not included in the survey but Sweden, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Israel and Russia is.

In Sweden, trust in Trump has increased since 2017. 10 per cent of respondents answered that they had trust in the US President, then. This year this has increased to 17 per cent, still less than 1 in 5. This is in stark contrast to 2016 when 93 per cent of the Swedish population expressed confidence in President Barack Obama.

The world prefers Merkel

Among the 25 countries, 52 per cent say they trust the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, compared with 27 per cent for Trump, while Putin comes in at 30 per cent.

Merkel comes best out in the Netherlands, with 85 per cent are expressing positivity to her leadership, while in debt-ridden Greece only 15 per cent trust in the German Chancellor.

People’s trust in Trump is even lower than their confidence in the Chinese President Xi Jinping and President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Lowest in Mexico

Not surprisingly, Trump scores lowest in neighbouring Mexico, where only 6 per cent expressed confidence, while Israel shows an exception from an otherwise dismal approval rating for the US President.

On year after Trump’s decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, among other policy changes, the approval rate has increased among the Israeli population from 56 per cent last year to 69 per cent now.

Despite a decline in the overall image of America after Trump took over the White House, people’s view of the United States as such is still positive, with an average of about one of every two persons who participated in the survey. Two out five of the remainder expressed a negative view of the United States.


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