The world’s richest man visiting Alta

AmazonAmazon fulfillment center in Fernley, Nev. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

The world’s richest man – Amazon entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, was visiting Alta in Finnmark, yesterday. However, the purpose of the visit is not known.



The visit was confirmed by the head of Alta Næringsforening, Kjetil Kristiansen, to E24. It was the newspaper in Finnmark that discovered that Bezos’ private aircraft had landed in Alta, Saturday morning.

“There are many who have discovered what’s going on in the north and in Alta, and Jeff Bezos is one of them,” says Kristiansen, adding that, of course, there were opportunities for local business to take advantage of the visit.

Kristiansen tells iFinnmark that for several days there have been several helicopters and security personnel in Alta to make sure the city is safe and secure. He explains the importance of being secretive and that Alta wants to facilitate business trips like Bezos, and therefore will not discuss anything more about the purpose of the visit.

Bezos and Amazon have recently been attacked by US President Donald Trump. The president has, among other things, accused the e-commerce giant of abandoning tax and threaten job security.

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